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The First Venture Building Web3 Ecosystem

Back in the day, Growth DAO’s founders Tom & Tristan used to run a startup. Initially, they were based in the South West of England, and then they moved over to London. Starting in Bath and Bristol they had access to a great network of startup supporters including the likes of the University of Bath Innovation Centre, SetSquared and the Dffrnt startup community. 

Eventually they made the move to London to seek out capital in the Capital. Once in London, they immersed themselves in the London startup ecosystem. They participated in a few different accelerators and ended up working in the Natwest Accelerator for a few years. It was a huge benefit to be surrounded by other founders and to have access to everyone’s shared networks. 

However, in this new digital remote-first world it can often be more difficult to embed oneself as a founder into startup communities. So, Growth DAO aims to bridge this gap. Growth DAO is a new remote Web3 ecosystem that builds startups and launches Web3 projects. 

Growth DAO builds a web3 ecosystem

The Growth DAO Web3 ecosystem supports startups by providing them with access to growth experts, capital and our community. Here’s how:

Access Community – An online community of engaged startup founders and experts

In our Discord server, we have digitalised a real-world venture building Web3 ecosystem. Here’s an overview of some of the channels we’ve created:

📊Pitch-your-startup – we love hearing startup ideas! This channel gives people the opportunity to share their startup ideas and things they are working on. Members of Growth DAO are all passionate about building and creating, so chances are you’ll easily find collaborators and people to help you out. 

📥Contribute-opportunities – this is where work requests are posted for the startups who are working with Growth DAO and the community members. Freelancers often hear of other opportunities for design work or businesses in need of specific experts, this is where you will access these opportunities to earn. Bounties will also be posted on this channel giving you the opportunity to hear GRWTH by completing certain tasks for Growth DAO.

💸Access-to-capital – a channel to spread the word about your upcoming raise. This channel has active angel investors and VC firms in it, so it’s the ideal platform to share your pitch decks in.

🤝Networking – we’re taking the age-old networking events online. Get intro’d to the community in this channel and stay up to date with the latest online networking events and activities we’ll be rolling out. 

📜Growth-resources – in a traditional, physical coworking space or accelerator you’ll often hear about the latest growth hacks and ideas ‘around the watercooler’. In a digital world, you often miss out on this. So, we’ve created this channel just for this, to share new growth ideas and useful resources. Sharing is caring!

🛠Growth-tools – there are thousands of growth tools out there. It’s often difficult to know which ones are good. This channel allows people to share the latest useful tools they come across and recommend which ones to use and which ones to avoid.

👐Gift-of-help – it feels good to give back, whether it’s giving to clarify or helping someone out who needs it. This channel is a place where any community member can ask others for help, or where people can offer their help to others. 

Access Experts – hire vetted startup growth experts 

Beyond the Discord community, the Growth DAO Web3 ecosystem is a place where startup founders can find and hire vetted startup Web3 growth experts. Startups will get instant access to Growth DAO’s ecosystem of vetted Web3 growth experts through our platform. A founder will be able to browse our expert community, filtering by specific skills or tool experience.

In an ever-evolving startup environment founders will often need the support of various different types of skill sets. One day they might need a designer to refresh the UI of their app, the next they might need a backend developer to squash a particular bug, then that afternoon they might need to hire a Google Ads expert to build their keyword strategy and operate the ads account. An internal startup team just can’t have diverse enough skills for all of these different needs. That’s why hiring freelance growth experts on contracts makes the most sense when growing a Web3 startup.

Within the Growth DAO Web3 ecosystem founders will be able to jump into our Discord server and post their hiring requirements. Members of the DAO will be able to contribute ideas and share how they can help the founder. Members who think they can help can put forward proposals to the founder and offer specific quotes to contribute their skills to the project. The founder will also be able to jump onto Growth DAO’s marketplace platform and browse our experts, selecting specific experts and packages they like the look of and putting forward work requests to them.

We’re not re-inventing the wheel with our platform of growth experts, but it’s worth just pointing out that our platform and expert community are not just any old marketers. Our Web3 ecosystem is tough to get into with a rigorous application process. This means founders can be sure the Web3 growth experts on our platform are the ‘creme de la creme’ of experts.

Beyond giving founders top freelance talent on demand when needed, the Growth DAO structure ensures those freelancers are properly incentivised to do the best job possible for the startup. A regular retainer-based contract between freelancers and startups is all well and good, but it doesn’t incentivise or reward the freelancer in the long run. It’s more about get the job done, and get out. Conversely, the DAO structure uses a token system to create an additional upside to the freelancers’ payouts that incentivise them in line with the long-term success of the client (as well as their normal retainer). If you want to learn more about the GRWTH token click here.

Access Capital – get capital injections through our fund (coming soon)

Although not available just yet, we’re launching a fund that will allow us to invest in the startups in our Web3 ecosystem. We’re constantly on the look out for company’s with a vision to change the world. We’re already supporting tens of startups that are doing this through our Web3 growth expert community, but many ideas need capital to take them to the next level of growth. So, we’re launching our own fund to support these startups with the capital resources they need to go to market.

We’re already adding Web3 investors into our community. If you’re interested in joining as an investor you can see more information and apply on the link. Each investor member will link their own investor wallet to the Growth DAO treasury and invest either in ETH or USDC which will contribute into the Liquidity Pool. This will then be staked as Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens which represents the investors respective share of the fund. Returns will then be distributed over time based on each investor’s share of the fund.

Some of the more experienced Web3 investor members in our community will form investment committees to lead investments into the most promising startups and contribute their experience to the startups in Growth DAO.  

– – – 
If you’re interested in joining the first venture building Web3 ecosystem as a Web3 startup founder, a Web3 growth expert or a Web3 investor then head to this application form. Or you can join our Discord server here to see what we’re working on and start getting involved in the conversation.

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