Refer to Growth DAO

Become a Growth DAO scout and earn GRWTH tokens

What does the ‘D’ stand for in DAO? You got it, Decentralised. We need your to help build Growth DAO and achieve our vision to build a portfolio of organisations with a combined market cap of $10bn.

As a Growth DAO scout, you will be rewarded for your hard work networking and making connections. We need people like you to introduce Growth DAO to the best people you know and share your links to your favourite communities. If the community accepts your referrals, well, then you’ll have GRWTH coming out of your ears.

Earn GRWTH, duh!

Get paid to network

It’s as easy as understanding Web3

Being a Scout is cool again

Spin our flywheel round and round

Refer your network to Growth DAO and you’ll be rolling in GRWTH

Refer Web3 startups

Growth DAO relies on top-quality Web3 startups to create value for the whole community. If you know the best founders or DAO leaders, then put us in touch. We’re happy to talk to anyone doing cool stuff in NFTs, DAOs, the Metaverse, and blockchain infrastructure.

Each successful referral gets:

  • 5% of the monthly retainer fees in USDC ($5k average)
  • An additional, 5% of the retainer fees in GRWTH tokens
  • Reputation as a Growth Advisor and huge respect from the core team

Refer growth experts

Without growth experts and growth strategists, we wouldn’t have an organisation. There are a lot of good people knocking at our door, but we only let the best through. If you think you know world-class freelancers, contractors or builders, who live a breath Web3, send them our way.

Each successful referral gets:

  • $1k in GRWTH – upfront, no questions asked
  • That’s it, be grateful

For investors

Investing through Growth DAO enables access to the best deals in the next wave of Web3 startups. So it should be fairly easy to find some hands-on investors looking to back projects changing the world. If you connect us with your investor network, you’ll be rewarded graciously.

Each successful referral gets:

  • 5% of any committed capital in GRWTH tokens
  • Consideration to join our investment committees
How it all works

Sign up as a scout and start reaching out to your network


Sign up as a Growth Scout

You’ll need to sign up to be a growth scout. Once accepted, the admin team will asign you the ‘Growth Scout’ role in Discord and you’ll join the relevant channels.


Start networking

Next time you’re talking with anyone in Web3, think of Growth DAO. Ask them to submit an application to join and put your name as the referer.


Check you’ve got the credit

You’ll be able to see the referrer on every application within the #recruitment-team Discord channel. A growth advisor will verify your referral and you can flag anything that’s been missed.


Get rewarded with GRWTH

We’ll round up your successful earnings monthly and distribute the associated GRWTH to your coneected wallet in Colony.

Growth DAO Tokenomics

Below are some of the key benefits to owning GRWTH tokens

The purpose of the token is to align the incentives between key stakeholders and enable governance across the community. The key areas of utility are as follows:

  • Voting on growth team members to accept into the community
  • Voting on startups to accept as worthwhile projects and investments
  • Being rewarded for successful referrals of community members
  • Staking on certain projects to show commitment
  • Indicate reputation within the community to secure more project work
  • Earn acceptance to certain management committees and guilds
  • Access certain projects, bounties and internal documentation
  • Access certain levels within our communication platforms