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Global deal flow

The community will be rewarded with GRWTH for bringing investable Web3 projects to the community for review. This decentralised approach to deal flow will open up a global set of opportunities, unrestricted by bias or centralised judgement.

Access to the best deals

The community decides on capital allocation, not centralised VCs. This is how Web3 projects will be funded in Web3, earning respect from the community. Our unique approach will significantly increase our ability to connect with these projects and for founders to accept our capital.

The inside track

We work with Web3 startups and founders day-to-day and have the inside scoop on the projects that have the potential to generate the best returns. We will back these founders and startups with all the resources at our disposal.

Long-term horizons

Our forward thinking mechanism for funding maintains a long-term approach to returns. Growth DAO is effectively creating an evergreen investment vehicle for the long-term value creation of the community.

Community influence

Key investors will be invited by the community to form investment committees and contribute towards treasury management requirements. As community reputation is earned through staking and contributions, GRWTH tokens and responsibilities will be offered.

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Here is the process for investing in the next wave of Web3 Startups


Apply to join our Web3 community

Fill out an application, sharing your past investments and interest in Growth DAO. The community will vote on and hopefully accept you. You can then join the conversation.


Let us know how you want to contribute

If you can introduce our Growth Advisors to your current portfolio, you’d be getting off on the right foot. If you can support as an advisor or join an investment committee, that would be great too.


Commit your capital

Send your ETH or USDC to our Liquidity Pools (here). You will then receive Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens, representing your share of the fund. Waterfall returns will be allocated based on your LP token ownership. You can also back our portfolio directly for startup tokens.


Grow your influence

Stake your LP tokens to our smart contract (here) to earn GRWTH. We distribute GRWTH as a yield for committing your capital over the long term. Use GRWTH to vote on community decisions and benefit from the long term success of the projects.


Get outsized returns

In addition to the GRWTH yield, we will distribute returns from startup exits. LP token owners will receive their principal back as a priority and then benefit from 80% of the profits. Startup exits will be spread out, but highly lucrative.