Join Growth DAO

Being a Growth+ member you get:


Alongside the fiat currency retainers you have with clients you will be earning in our GRWTH token. This means you financially benefit from the growth of the startups and Growth DAO.


We give members voting rights on decisions made in Growth DAO. You can have your say and bring your experience and expertise to the table. Your vote weight will be proportionate to your reputation in the community.

To work with Web3 Startups

We have a history of scaling up some of the world’s most exciting, fastest growing startups. You will be selected to work with startups, or you can apply to work with a startup, based on your skills and price.


Only vetted startup experts join our Web3 community and we give full autonomy to each expert to execute on their ideas and initiatives. You are the expert and will have full ownership and autonomy over your area of expertise.


Whilst still being a freelancer you get to work in teams of other freelance startup experts, collaborating and growing the startups together. Our freelance platform and unique remote team management process enables you to collaborate effectively.

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How it works

We’re a self-regulated community of world-class experts, here’s the application works:


Apply to join our Web3 community

Fill out our 10-minute application form giving us insights into your experience and expertise. We’ll need you to have 5+ years experience in your chosen field and to have testimonials and case studies to prove your level of expertise.


Application committee review + sponsorship

Your application will then be presented to the community, if someone likes the look of your profile they can opt to become your sponsor. If you don’t get a sponsor your application expires in 30 days.


Growth advisor review

Your profile will then be reviewed by a Growth Advisor, who holds sufficient reputation in the community. They’ll ensure you hit our criteria for joining and be responsible for reviewing how you fit within our expert community.


An interview with a Growth Advisor

Then you’ll arrange a 45-minute interview with a Growth Advisor. We want to get to know you a little better and understand whether you are a good fit for our community. This will also include a skills based test in your areas of expertise.


You’re in!

If you fit the assessment criteria then you’re in! We’ll invite you into our community messaging platform where you’ll be able to get to know your fellow startup experts and founders. You’ll be onboarded into the community by a Growth Advisor and shown the ropes.


Earn GRWTH and build your reputation

Once you’re onboarded you’ll start getting invited to work in new startup projects based on your skills and experience. The more projects you work on and the more engaged you are in the community the more you’ll build reputation and earn more income.