Why Growth DAO

Working with Growth DAO you get:

A customised team of startup Web3 experts

Access our vetted pool of the best startup talent through our freelance management platform. Search Web3 experts based on skills, industry, availability and price. You can swap in and out experts giving you a flexible growth team on-demand.

Reduce HR wastage

Hiring a team is slow, costly and laden with overheadsn the fast-paced ever-changing environment of a startup, your needs for different skills change quickly. With Growth DAO you get a lean, flexible team of vetted experts.

Freelancers with aligned incentives

The startup experts are all incentivised by the growth and success of your startup in the long-run (not just by a monthly retainer). They get paid out in GRWTH based on your long term growth and success.

Validate growth channels & strategies

As your startup scales, you will need highly specialised skills in different areas from design work, to copywriting, to SEO, to paid ads, to email marketing, to strategists, the list goes on.
We bring in the best experts at exactly the time you need them.

Talent management & payment

Our platform allows you to easily manage your team and automatically pay them out in either fiat or crypto payments. The experts work together as one team, efficiently collaborating and communicating to, all coordinated by a Growth Strategist.

Grow your Web3 Startup

Build your Growth Team
Our approach to Web3 marketing

Our unique go-to-market approach for Web3 startups

Phase 1


Define your why

First up, we need to define why anyone should listen to you in the first place. At this stage we’re diving deep into what problem you are solving and why people should join your movement. We’ll be defining your vision, mission, purpose and values.


Build your brand

Next we build your brand assets. You’re going to need to outline your tone of voice, design key assets (including the website) and build out your brand guidelines. At this point we’re also helping you write a top-notch white paper.


Technology infrastructure

Before starting any serious growth-related activities we’ll need to ensure you have the right Web3 tools and systems in place ready for growth. This means getting your analytics and reporting set-up as well as key tools we’ll need to use.

Phase 2


Community launch

Communities can be built on many forums, we’ll recommend where it will be best to launch. Then by utilising airdrops, giveaways, partnerships & paid ads we’ll start to grow an initial community base of people relevant and aligned to your mission.


brand and trust building

New projects and ideas always need to build trust and social proof around the new brand. In order to do this we’ll use a combination of PR (mainly advertorials initially), influencers and organic social, to grow top of the funnel awareness and brand recognition.


Community building

Now it’s time to scale the community and start to push the most engaged members down the funnel. We use a secret mix of shilling, earned PR, podcast interviews and viral mechanisms to take your growth to the next level.


Commercial focus

Now you have an engaged, ever-growing audience we’ll focus everything we have learnt to date to optimise towards driving your unit economics to where they need to be. Now it’s time to implement the scalable, repeatable growth tactics we know work.