Startup Growth Expert

Founder at Growth Division and Growth DAO – Scaling Startups Through Data-Driven Growth Marketing.

Why do you love building startups:

I love working with founders. Seeing the passion they have for their ideas is super motivating and creates such an exciting vibe. If I can help them bring innovative ideas to market, then I’ve done my job. Typically, startups are at the forefront of technology and this keeps me on my toes.

I’ve supported Tom to lead the growth marketing function at Breezy for the last 18 months as we launch the business. Breezy is an affiliate partner discovery engine, so we’re targeting businesses and websites. We’ve kept it lean, focusing on email, Linkedin outreach and content marketing as channels. Overall, the team has generated 150 leads for their app, who are now converting to customers.

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Alex Phillips, Breezy Founder. Growth Strategist