Agency Founder (Development)

I’ve specialised in Marketing (favourably technical) and collected experience over the years in a number of roles across digital publishing/AdTech, paid ads, telecoms, sales, web/marketing agencies, CRM development and growth advisory – I’ve now found myself in the world of web3, which I joined in 2017! I started my actual marketing journey back in 2009.

Why do you love building startups:

I love building startups in web3 because of the sheer passion that those in this space have, it’s un-rivalled (in my eyes) to the way of standard ‘web2’ approaches. I enjoy collaborating and working with ANY stage web3 projects and companies alike, because I know whatever we build now will have a positive impact on the future for us all.

SDPF/Nick is a pro at building brands. I watched him grow Alpha Omega to a leading Web3 brand and have gained from his insight on creative marketing.
His straightforward approach makes it easy to achieve great results with minimal fuss. Highly skilled at capturing attention through design and marketing strategy, he comes highly recommended!

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