Web3 Growth Hacker and Full-Funnel Strategist

Building onboarding experiences for Web3 users can be tricky. I’ve designed a educational and engaging experience that let’s new users understand, love and refer your project to their peers.

Why do you love building startups:

The world is at a stage where we need innovation: Unsustainable growth. Climate. Data is the new gold. All these big changes motivate me to push innovative ideas to hit mass market. In this circumstances anyone can become the next Unicorn builder: but only if you try!

I’ve supported Tom to lead the growth marketing function at Breezy for the last 18 months as we launch the business. Breezy is an affiliate partner discovery engine, so we’re targeting businesses and websites. We’ve kept it lean, focusing on email, Linkedin outreach and content marketing as channels. Overall, the team has generated 150 leads for their app, who are now converting to customers.

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Alex Phillips, Breezy Founder. Growth Strategist