Software Engineer, Growth Marketer

Software Engineer by trade, growth marketer by heart. I’m involved in Crypto and web3 full time since 2017. I was a senior software engineer for a number of Israeli based crypto startups before founding my own company at 2021. I am now a co-founder at ShareMint – A web3 native affiliate network and referral marketing platform. I am the host and producer of the Proof of Talk podcast, the number one Hebrew speaking crypto tech podcast.

Why do you love building startups:

For the past 6 years, I have had the privilege of working with startups. And what I have discovered is that building a business is truly an alchemical art. Turning an idea into a product, an event, or a helping hand is a remarkable accomplishment. Business must play a vital role in solving the world’s most pressing problems.

The web3 space is special to me because of the sense of community and the WAGMI mentality of collaboration. When we all work together, the tide rises for us all. The impact of this technology on our lives, from financial markets to our local communities, is nothing short of incredible.