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The Best Upcoming Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAOs) You Should Check Out

In a world where innovation and collaboration reign supreme, a new frontier has emerged to revolutionize how communities come together and shape their shared destiny. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs, have transcended their origins as governance structures for blockchain projects to become vibrant and financially-incentivized communities spanning various crypto-related and beyond interests.

Imagine an online community with a joint bank account, where members collaboratively determine how to allocate funds and steer the group’s direction. Traditional boundaries of geography or centralized authority no longer limit innovation and decision-making. 

Instead, DAOs empower individuals to participate directly in shaping the future of the projects they care about, regardless of their background or location. This article will enlighten you about the best upcoming DAOs and how to spot them.

Best Upcoming Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) You Should Check Out 

1. Friends With Benefits (FWB)

Friends With Benefits (FWB) is a DAO project that combines membership-driven communities with social tokens to create an ecosystem where participants can govern and participate in the growth of community-owned intellectual property, digital assets, and social experiences. FWB fosters community collaboration, creativity, and collective ownership through decentralized governance. 

The tokenization of social capital blurs the line between ownership and participation and incentivizes active participation. FWB paves the way for new community governance models, empowering individuals, fostering creativity, and driving the growth of intellectual property, digital assets, and social experiences within decentralized ecosystems.

2. MetaCartel 

MetaCartel is a DAO project that supports and incubates early-stage blockchain startups by providing funding, mentorship, and a supportive community. It connects like-minded individuals and fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing. The project serves as a catalyst for innovation in the decentralized application (dApp) space. 

MetaCartel’s financial support alleviates resource constraints for startups, allowing them to focus on product development. The community’s mentorship provides valuable guidance, insights, and industry connections. MetaCartel has a track record of successful dApp incubation, showcasing its impact on the blockchain ecosystem. 

The project attracts attention and further support, creating a positive feedback loop. MetaCartel exemplifies how DAOs can drive innovation by pooling resources and leveraging collective knowledge. Its initiatives contribute to the advancement of decentralized technology.

3. DAOstack

DAOstack is an upcoming framework that empowers the creation and management of decentralized organizations. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools and infrastructure for effective governance. The key highlight of DAOstack is its prediction market-based governance system, where reputation tokens are staked to signal preferences and inform decision-making. 

This innovative approach enhances the collective intelligence of the organization. DAOstack streamlines governance processes by leveraging prediction markets, enabling scalable decision-making within decentralized organizations. Its robust framework provides a solid foundation for building and managing DAOs efficiently. DAOstack’s focus on decentralized decision-making, sets it apart as a promising platform for fostering transparent and inclusive governance. 

Through its suite of tools, DAOstack paves the way for effective collaboration and decision-making among DAO participants. This project demonstrates the potential of DAO frameworks in revolutionizing traditional governance structures and harnessing the power of collective intelligence.

4. MolochDAO 

MolochDAO is a unique DAO project that focuses on funding Ethereum ecosystem development through decentralized governance. It streamlines the proposal and voting process using smart contracts, ensuring transparency and efficiency. MolochDAO supports community-driven initiatives and fosters innovation within blockchain ecosystems by enabling individuals and groups to pool resources. 

It showcases the power of DAOs in collective decision-making and resource allocation. MolochDAO goes beyond financial support, fostering a collaborative environment, and facilitating knowledge-sharing. It brings together individuals with a shared vision for Ethereum’s advancement. 

MolochDAO is an exemplary model of how DAOs empower communities and drive innovation. It leverages collective intelligence, creating a decentralized funding mechanism aligned with the interests of the Ethereum ecosystem. Through its community-driven approach, MolochDAO shapes the future of decentralized governance, contributing to the growth of blockchain ecosystems.

5. Colony

Colony is a groundbreaking DAO project revolutionizing decentralized collaboration and task management. It enables seamless teamwork, allowing members to contribute skills and expertise transparently. Task-based workflows break down projects, enhancing productivity and fostering responsibility. 

Reputation systems incentivize high-quality contributions and ensure accountability. Colony’s reputation-based governance model empowers members to shape the organization based on their reputation scores. Decentralized arbitration resolves conflicts impartially. A user-friendly interface promotes accessibility and adoption. 

Colony redefines how decentralized organizations collaborate, emphasizing efficiency and inclusivity. It transforms the way tasks are managed, fostering transparent teamwork. Reputation systems drive quality contributions and accountability. Governance reflects reputation scores, empowering members. Decentralized arbitration resolves conflicts fairly. A user-friendly interface boosts accessibility. 

6. Growth DAO: 

Growth DAO is a groundbreaking approach to startup building that connects entrepreneurs, investors, and growth specialists worldwide. Operating as a digital cooperative, Growth DAO utilizes blockchain technology and the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) to empower individuals across borders and circumstances.

Growth DAO’s mission is to build a portfolio of organizations with a combined market cap of $10bn, creating prosperity and security for members at a global scale.

How to Find the Best DAOs to Join 

Step 1: Define Your Interests and Goals

Start by clarifying your interests, values, and long-term goals. Determine the specific areas within the blockchain space or other sectors that you are passionate about. This will help you narrow down the DAOs that align with your aspirations.

Step 2: Research Prominent DAOs

Conduct thorough research on the most prominent DAOs in your area of interest. Explore their websites, whitepapers, and social media platforms to gain insights into their missions, governance structures, and communities. Pay attention to their track record, achievements, and transparency.

Step 3: Evaluate Governance Models

Assess the governance models employed by the DAOs you are considering. Evaluate the organization’s decision-making processes, voting mechanisms, and power distribution. Look for DAOs prioritizing inclusivity, participation and fair representation of their members.

Step 4: Analyze Tokenomics and Economic Incentives

Examine the tokenomics and economic incentives associated with the DAOs. Understand how tokens are distributed, their role in governance, and the potential for token appreciation. Consider whether the economic structure aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Step 5: Engage with the Community

Engage with the community surrounding the DAOs you are interested in. Join their Discord, Telegram, or other communication channels to interact with existing members. Ask questions, seek clarification, and gauge the overall sentiment within the community. Positive and vibrant communities often indicate a healthy and active DAO.

Step 6: Assess Past and Ongoing Projects

Evaluate the past and ongoing projects of the DAOs. Look for successful initiatives, partnerships, and collaborations demonstrating the organization’s ability to deliver tangible results. Consider whether the projects align with your interests and if they have the potential to create a positive impact.

Step 7: Seek External Validation

Seek external validation by researching the opinions and experiences of individuals or organizations within the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities. Read reviews, testimonials, and articles about the DAOs you are considering as they can provide valuable insights and perspectives that may influence your decision.

Step 8: Consider Security and Trust

Consider the security measures and reputation of the DAOs. Look for audits, security practices, and transparent reporting to ensure your participation is in a safe environment. Additionally, assess the core team’s trustworthiness and the organization’s history.

Step 9: Make an Informed Decision

Based on your research and analysis, decide on the DAO that best aligns with your interests, goals, and values. Consider all the above mentioned factors and trust your instincts when choosing the DAO to join.


DAOs are changing the traditional governance structure by allowing for a decentralized, collaborative, and transparent decision-making process. Friends With Benefits, MetaCartel, DAOstack, MolochDAO, Growth DAO, and Colony are some of the best upcoming DAO projects revolutionizing the blockchain space. 

As DAOs continue to gain momentum, they will likely shape the future of decentralized governance and transform the traditional organizational landscape.

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